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What is the eloomi MS Teams app?
What is the eloomi MS Teams app?
Written by Stefan Timmermann
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With the MS Teams app, you can access the full eloomi learning and people development experience directly within Microsoft Teams.

Users can seamlessly access learning content and any other eloomi resource directly from Microsoft Teams. This ensures a continuous learning experience without the need to switch between different platforms:

  • Support a supreme learning experience in eloomi without having to leave MS Teams and improve productivity, ramp-up time, compliance, etc.

  • Learn and engage better together by integrating your eloomi learning and development platform into the same space where your team communicates and collaborates.

Feature highlights

  • Instant access:

    • eloomi appears as a personalized app in Microsoft Teams, providing immediate access to all eloomi content without leaving Teams.

  • User-centric experience:

    • Connect the app directly to all user profiles in one go, and get a smooth and user-friendly eloomi experience within MS Teams.

  • Responsive design:

    • Users enjoy a responsive design that adapts to mobile and desktop views, offering an optimal viewing experience on any device.

  • Deep Integration:

    • Any email links or platform referrals will redirect directly into the eloomi app inside Microsoft Teams.

How does the navigation and user experience differ when working through the MS Teams integration?

Users will access the familiar eloomi navigation integrated in the MS Teams window. That means on top of the eloomi navigation bar, there will be the MS Teams standard navigation.

Is the integration mobile-friendly?

Yes, the integration is designed to be responsive on both mobile and desktop views. This ensures optimal viewing and accessibility on any device, giving users the flexibility to engage with learning on the go.

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