Getting Started

New to eloomi? Discover all you need for a flying start right here!

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Learning & Training

Everything you need to know about delivering Learning

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All you need to know about Content Store

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Skills Development

Everything you need to know about Skills development in eloomi

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Employee Communication

Boost engagement in your organization through social learning and activity feed

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Drive your employee engagement with an ideal support tool for feedback and communication

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Goals & Objectives

Transparent goals setting framework, setting clear expectation

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Structure and training for managers to deliver consistency in feedback

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Views & Reporting

Deep dive into different Reporting options in eloomi

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Administration & Control

From managing Users to Branding we have it all covered

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Integrations & SSO

HRIS integrations, SSO and API covered in detail

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How to access eloomi through our mobile app or MS Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Products & Services Overview

A comprehensive look at the range of offerings we provide

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